Teacher in Residence Program 2022

Robyn Selent, biology teacher, Riverside High School, Ohio (2022.06)

Mimulus planting 2022.06

Olivia Walker, junior student, Kenston High School, Ohio (2022.06)

Duckweeds survey in Cleveland 2022.05-06

Anirudh Danda, senior student, Mentor High School, Ohio (2022.05)

Plant DNA extraction at home 2022.04
using 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of dish detergent,
1/2 cup of water, cold rubbing alcohol

White, floating material: spinach DNA

Virtual Research Enhancement Program: Plants under Stress 2021-
for middle/high school students

Maura Murray, senior student, Mentor High School, Ohio (2022.02)

Hosting Green Corps Students in field research 2021.06

Patterson Farm Strawberry Microbiome Project 2021.06

WVnews The Exponent Telegram interview 2021.03
Jess LaBella & Na Wei


International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021.02.11
Na Wei & Jess LaBella

What advice do you have for young girls looking to get into a career in science, or related field?
Be resilient and persistent. There are too many rejections in science – rejections to fellowship applications, grant proposals, papers, job applications … These rejections occur to everyone. You are not alone! All we need to do is to move on! — Na

Science is about networking and teamwork, so building relationships with your mentors and peers is important. There is something to learn from everyone and you never know who you’ll collaborate with again in the future! — Jess

Mayfield High School Junior Virtual Career Day 2020.10
Na Wei & Jess LaBella

Volunteer Open House at Holden 2020.03